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It started as an idea thrown about by Mani at Indian Coffee House in sector 17. A day later we had thought of content, two days later we had photos, design and printing took another two weeks and lo! we had a small newsletter of our club, RoadSurvivors. Ideas for the fourth issue have been put in place. It has been an exciting journey of three months with weekends spent fighting over which photo makes the cover, who decides punchlines etc. (We’re bikers, we do that 😀 ). Designed by Kat Kozell, the magazine showcases community centric articles. As we’re gearing up for Rider Mania, related articles for the event will start showing up soon! stay tuned!

#dohajaarpandrah came, rocked and is still fresh in our hearts as we travel towards Central India to RM2016 #fullpower! We didnt notice the year that flew by and took too much time to deliver this issue, sadly! #fullpower is the second innings for the Wanderlust MC club of the Orange city of Nagpur who first hosted Rider Mania in 2007. With expectations set a notch higher (hic!) at #dohajaarpandrah, riders have started flocking to #fullpower at Nagpur! This edition of the Dugg Dugg times celebrates the excitement, fervor and the unending spirit of riders who came to #dohajaarpandrah. We salute you and dedicate this issue to you, guys! YOU made this happen. This edition belongs to YOU!

Need a copy? Send your orders to Mani Walia: [email protected]

RoadSurvivors: http://www.roadsurvivors.co.in

Download the January edition of Dugg Dugg Times