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Rider Mania 2003

A few clubbies from three of the older clubs in south India came up with the idea of having a grand Jamboree of fellow Enfield riders . Vernon Dias, a member of Madras Bulls motorcycle club, decided to take the initiative and add mass to this floating thought bubble. Thus, Rider Mania was born and was held in Goa on the 10th of Jan, in the year 2003 at the Old Anchor resort in south goa . Approximately, 70 bikers participated.

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Rider Mania 2004

The New Year paved a new path. It brought with along many surprises and twisted tales. For the benefit of the masses, Rider Mania 2004 was organized in Goa on the 10th of Jan at Riva resorts in North Goa and approximately 130 bikers attended. It was executed by RE on behalf of the community.

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Rider Mania 2005

Bombay based club, Inddie Thumpers of Mumbai, volunteered to host the Rider Mania. This proved to be a turning point for RIDER MANIA as an event. Many clubs, new and old, participated, solo riders were encouraged and riders nationwide got the sense of what brotherhood meant.

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Rider Mania 2006

Hosted by Madras Bulls. The response was overwhelming and over 400 bikers participated. It was held at Casuarina Bay Beach Resort on the 21st Jan, Chennai. Riders from far East & North rode all the way.

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Rider Mania 2007

Hosted by Wanderlust MC Club from Nagpur who took up the Herculean task of hosting the event. Approximately 199 Bikers participated. It was held at Star Key Point Resorts, Nagpur on the 24th of jan. Although the head count was a little lower than expected, the interaction was of optimal quality. People got to know each other better, they exchanged ideas, they bonded and most importantly, everyone had loads of fun.

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Rider Mania 2008

And this time, it was The Wanderers from Hyderabad. It was held at Ramoji Film City on the 18th of Jan. Around 400 bikers participated and this was a record number before being broken by RTMC next year

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Rider Mania 2009

If the year 2008 was the year of setting records, 2009 proved be the year of breaking them. This time around it was the Rolling Thunder MC from Bengaluru who bagged the privilege of hosting the RIDER MANIA. They extracted from the recipe of the previous RIDER MANIAs, their combined learning, then added a dash of their own hard work & efficiency and produced the best dish ever. It was called the RIDER MANIA 2009.

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Rider Mania 2010

Inddie Thumpers from Mumbai hosted RMX. They had their minds set on breaking all previously set records and making this event the grandest of them all. And they did just that!! The event was named as RMX and was held at Vikram Garh on the 24th of Jan, at a resort on the outskirts of Mumbai, flirting along the borders of Gujarat. RMX attracted riders from across continents. Around 650 riders joined the fest .

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Rider Mania 2011

Eastern Bulls did give RIDER MANIA 2011 a new look and feel. Called the RM-East it was a brilliant package with a great venue ,superb bands and great fanfare of events .Held on the the 22nd Jan 2011 the event witnessed over 650 people

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Rider Mania 2012

The Royal beasts from Delhi hosted the Rider mania and they did put it together to the intended scale. Held at the Western country resorts near delhi the Event saw 710 participants the largest RM till date

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Rider Mania 2013

Cherapunjee more known for its rainfall was the designated place for Ridermania 2013. Far from the comforts of the flush toilets and room heaters RERAM managed to get the venue built ground up ..while the kitchen tent ensured hot food the brilliant music and the bands along with the local alcohol ensured the authentic tough and an insight into the basics of life for the people in the north east … a true brotherhood meet!

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