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Rider Mania 2004: Of Sun and sands

Rider Mania 2004 – Mumbai – Goa – By Prem Joseph Every good thing in life has to come to an end, but the good thing about that is we know that its not the end of the road and we’ll have these days again. Rider Mania 2004 was one of those experiences. After a […]

Rider Mania 08: A biker movie in a filmcity

The ride to the second RM was a lot easier because I had done the route before and we were riding in a big group. RM was happening in Ramoji film city, and I really wanted to partake in the entire experience, so I consciously decided not to carry work. Thankfully, because of my past […]

Rider Mania 07: A Wanderer’s Chronicles

For a long-standing solo rider like me, any company is always welcome; but in this instance, getting to ride with RTMC was a privilege, so what if we were only 4 Bullets! It’s another thing when you are riding in a small pack, early in the morning, bugs entering your mouth, your nose, your eyes […]

Rider Mania 04: The Ride

The Ride – Rider Mania 2004 7th January 2004 Lot of last minute work and running around to be done… before we even realized it was past 12 and we were supposed to leave for the much awaited Rider Mania 2004. 8th January 2004 Solo, Saru, Dodo, Hero and myself gathered at Jaf around midnight […]

Rider Mania 13: In a land far far away

A rider mania in a land far far away, and hosted by RERAM for the first time ever in North East. Over 500 riders rode from across the country to meet and spend the most amazing two days with brothers. It was raw, and just what the doctor had ordered!

RM06: Rockin’ Hard, Ridin’ High, Livin’ Free

January 18th – January 31st 2006 JANUARY 18TH: WEDNESDAY: DAY 1: DESTINATION HYDERABAD The alarm bell set for 5 AM woke us up. Us meaning, Mandy and CP from Gujarat Bullets, who had arrived in Nagpur the night before and myself. After our daily morning routines, we were all ready to ride out of the […]

RM12: The Beaster Mania

Part 1:The most eagerly awaited event of the year was fast approaching. The excitement shooting up manifold each day. I’d gotten my bike done up again.. just needed a change in the way it looked.The plan was for the first batch of riders from Wanderlust MC to start on the morning of Jan 25th. But […]