Code of Conduct for RM16

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What is Rider Mania?

RM is an event by the BOBMC community for the BOBMC community. Year on year each club volunteers to host the event. Each participating club / member / individual is equally responsible for making it successful. Hosting club just bears the responsibility of organizing the event in designated city.

Entry to Rider Mania

GATES OPEN 10 AM on Jan 22nd.
Only riders with valid registration confirmation email will be allowed inside the RM venue on 22nd Jan 2016 after 10 AM, as the gates open. Riders arriving on 21st in Nagpur city will not be allowed to enter the venue on any pretext.

Wanderlust on behalf of BOBMC reserves the rights at its sole discretion to refuse admission and to remove any rider from the RM16 venue without any refund.


The events will kick off from the evening of Jan 22nd at 5PM, so all participants and clubs are urged to time their entry into the venue between 10am and 5PM on Jn 22nd to witness all the events as they unfold.

Rider Mania – Closed Gate Event

As the number of participants increasing year on year, Rider Mania is strictly conducted as Closed Gate event since last 6 years. Which means once you enter the venue, you are NOT ALLOWED to exit the venue until the event is finally concluded and we open the gates on 25th Jan morning. This is to ensure the safety of the riders, as well to protect pristine tranquility of the nearby villages and civil life of the city. Wanderlust is making every possible effort to provide all the necessities inside the venue itself.

Parking, Registration, and Meal Coupons

On the day one, as you enter the venue, you will be directed towards the designated parking slot. Park your bikes and Que up for registration, sign-up your Indemnity Form, pick up your goodie bag and head straight to your accommodation / put up your tent in the given location and relax. Event will be officially kicked-off in second half of the day. DO NOT park your bikes outside the parking lot / near your tent / rooms. Your goodie bag contains food coupons for all three days. These coupons must not be misplaced by the participants. Should you lose your coupons, you will have to bear extra cost at the venue for the meals.

ID Proof

As per govt. rules and regulations, It is now mandatory for all the people attending the RM to show their valid ID proof such as Driver’s License, PAN Card, Election Commission Card, Passport, etc. Kindly make sure that you carry a photocopy of valid ID proof when you arrive at the venue. Anyone who is unable to produce a valid ID will not be allowed to register at the venue.

Arms and Illegal Substances

Strictly no illegal substances will be permitted inside RM16 venue. Illegal substances which include without limitation chemicals of any kind, narcotic drugs, laser pens, weapons or offensive material of any kind or animals. Any individual or club violating this law will be asked to leave the event immediately, reported to the authorities and banned from participating in future Rider Manias.

Riding inside the venue

The Venue has a strict rule against any motorcycles or vehicles on their finely curated lawns/grass. Any riders vehicle found on any of the lawns will be imposed a fine of Rs. 5000/- on the spot by the resort management and the host club will have no interference in the matter. It’s their property, it’s their rule.

Facilities at Venue

Please carry ENOUGH CASH AND FUEL in your bikes. As you will NOT BE ALLOWED to exit the premises once you are officially registered. Venue does not have any arrangements of ATM or fuel. However, everything else right from cigarettes, food, to doctor and ambulance will be made available

Participants must take responsibility of their on valuables and items and Wanderlust MC/BOBMC will in no way be held responsible in case of any items missing, stolen or damaged during the event. The venue also has 400 safety lockers on chargeable basis for storing valuables.

Stuff To Carry

All participants are urged to carry their own supplies of basic necessities such a toilet paper, insect-repellants,
flashlights, warmers incase of temperature drop at nights and sanitizers/soaps.


Any misbehavior directly or indirectly with hosting club member or with venue staff members or other participants will be viewed seriously. Should we come across any such situation, Wanderlust reserves the right to ask any such errant participants to leave the venue immediately.

Other Terms

All riders acknowledge that they may be exposed to possible risk of physical harm due to the nature of the event and are therefore present at their own risk. BOBMC excludes any liability for such injury, loss or damage and will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to any person or any property. Wanderlust on behalf of BOBMC reserves the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during the event to ensure the safe management of the

Final note

BOBMC and Rider Mania is the annual celebration of the Brotherhood, and likewise, all participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful and peaceful towards each other. Enjoy yourselves to the max, party hard and responsibly, help each other out and look out for one another in the spirit of the Brotherhood.