BOBMC Rider Mania ’16 Promo Merchandise

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Please note the following:

1. The cost for each Promo kit which contains One T-shirt (size you mention) and 2 stickers is Rs. 450/- including shipping costs.

2. Transfer of the amount mentioned needs to be made here:

A/C Name: Wanderlust MC
A/C No: 624205501374
IFSC code – ICIC0006242
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

We’re out of stock temporarily and we’re not taking any more orders right now. Please keep a lookout for updates when we resume the orders


How to order

STEP 1:  Fill the form below (DISABLED)

STEP 2:  Make the payment, as per your order, in the Wanderlust MC bank account (details in the end of this post).

STEP 3: Send payment details to [email protected] [email protected] and let us get to it.

Please Note: 1. Mention your full and complete details in the form. 2. Mention your full details on the transaction slips. 3. Email us a screenshot of your transaction details in the email address provided. 4. Do the transaction before placing your order for faster conformation reply. 5. You’re all rocking. Keep ’em coming.

Now, for us to be able to stick to the deadline, we’re keeping the ordering window very small. Only emails received (ALONG with proof of payment) till the time stocks last will be considered for these orders. Payments received after we’re done with the stock will automatically be diverted to the RM’16 Old Monk fund.

For help and assistance please call:

1. Anukaran singh +91 9011164824

2. Ruchir kumar Gupta: +91 9822474356

3. Indrajit malvi: +91 7387557655

4. Sutta WMC: +91 8588847269