Zero Mile Riders Club, Nagpur

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Zero Mile of India is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Zero Mile is a point from where the distances to every place in India are measured. It is marked by a pillar monument and a small garden. Zero Mile Riders Club aka ZMRC is motorcycle riding club from Zero Mile of India ie Nagpur. It is founded by like minded motor cycle riders who like to visit places across India on their Motor Cycles. All the members have strong solo and group riding experience.

We at ZMRC call ourselves as “Free Souls”. We love the freedom and unwinding experiences offered by riding. We are all are passionate about our love for the road unknown and uncharted territories. We call riding as meditation on wheels. It definitely helps a rider to connect with inner self.

ZMRC also believes in brotherhood of riders and camaraderie with other riding clubs. We cherish the time we spend with other riders. We always crave and look forward to meet with them at different community events.

Apart from the main aim of riding across the length and breadth of the country, ZMRC wants to spread awareness about Nagpur as Zero Mile of India. Hence, ZMRC starts every ride from Zero Mile monument. We also try to reach to the zero milestone at the destination place. We have also incorporated zero milestone and the pillar monument our club logo. Through the rides we take and community events we attend, ZMRC will try to make other clubs and riders aware about Zero Mile of India. Do visit Zero Mile of India when you pass through Nagpur and take a picture with it. If you have luxury of time, do give us a call for a meet.


Contact : Sachin Bramhe – 09822362836