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Cruising on the open highway is a dream nurtured, caressed and fulfilled by every biker. And where a group of riders are running this dream… then it is the thump of the engines that rises to the sky!!!Wandering under the bright sky or under the moonlit night, he searches for the perfect union between the nature, the bike and himself. He is a wanderer in search of the ultimate ride… once a wanderer always a wanderer… all his life. One day, a group of bikers got together and thought ‘why not form a group?’ And what do we call it asked one of them. To which one said we are wanderers, why not call it so. And hence the Wanderers was born.
Wanderers has three independent chapters in the following cities.
For Hyderabad : Lalit Jain, 09246542771
For Delhi            : Vaibhav Roy, 07838130438
For Bidar            : Jaspreet Singh Monty, 09743322008