Taj Royals, Agra

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Founded in the Year 2005,after riding back from Himalayan Odessey 2005, Mr. Laiq Ahmed Siddiqui, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed and Mr. Ravinder Singh decided to form the Club and that was the beginning of Taj Royals. Today we have 75 riders of which 25 riders are Active and the rest ride occasionally and mostly on one day rides. 4 Riders had gone to RM GOA in 2010 and won the 3rd Prize in Assembling Competition too and made our presence felt at the biggest festival of Bikers in India. We have been covered in Beat also several times.

Our main motto is to Make their Rides Comfortable & Safe when they ride to Our City. Apart from this, we at Taj Royals believe in being safe and keeping others safe on road. We are always open for any social activity for the development of our city and our Country.  Though we had been away from the Social Media, but the riding instinct within us never was hidden.
Bikers are often looked upon with a dirty image especially in small cities like ours, By doing social activities, riding in discipline, helping others, we wish to be Looked Upon when we ride and we wish to make people smile as they see us riding and wave on to us :-)
Moderator contact details :
Dheeraj Solanki, 9720535353, 9045099021, 9152090770
Fan page details: www.facebook.com/tajroyals