Great White Riders, Mumbai

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Great White Riders is Mumbai Based Motor Cycle Club formed by eight motorcycle enthusiast and travelers. The club derives its inspiration from the Great White Shark, which epitomizes the way of content living and dominates the highways and are known to be great travelers.

Great White Riders is formed on the principles of raw brotherhood by eight die hard motorcycle lovers. They were strangers who met on the highway, each having a distinct riding style. Slowly as they got closer the riding styles started complementing each other. The brotherhood kept growing stronger with every mile. A melodious symphony can be heard when the Great Whites play in complete harmony with the highway.

The Great Whites believes in absorbing into each mile, dissolving in the beauty that the highways have to offer. A destination is just another reason, which facilitates the club brothers get together and dominate the road. Great White Riders is more than just a motorcycle club it is the feeling of freedom when you get on the saddle the adrenaline rush that you get when the throttle is pushed around the curves. The butterflies that you feel when you look down from those winding roads. The oneness you feel with the rivers flowing along. The vastness that you see when you come across the sea. The nothingness that you feel when you are in the laps of the mighty mountains.

Be prepared to engage in endless discussions, on motorcycle performance, safety of each and every one, modifications, maintenance, enhancements, tips on safely playing with the highway, racing the track…. the list goes on

The club is open to all the riders who identify themselves, with this emotional riding bond. The very basic core of a rider’s living spirit is his passion for riding – PERIOD!!! Lets ride!!

Contact Person
Prashant Gaikwad (Moderator)
Email – [email protected]
Phone – 08879110211

Amit Kuradia (Corporate Communication)
Email – [email protected]
Contact – 09819386262

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