Great Indians Motorcycle Club, Shillong

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The GREAT INDIANS MC is established in May 2012 by a group of friends who share a passion and dedication to motorcycling. We strive to maintain that family atmosphere which helps promote a positive image when we are seen by others. The current memberships consists of primarily businessman’s, friends and family. Therefore we are not 1% club.

LOGO – The Unicorn is the only favourble beast conceived not out of human fear but as the sole single creation of mankind’s fertile, positive and every hopeful imagination, a legendary creature whose power is exceeded only by its mystery. Fierce yet good, a symbol of strength, endurance, agility, perservance, wisdom and playfulness. Unicorns are selfless yet solitary, a wild and untamable animal, symbol of purity, hope, love, mystery, grace, fitness and unconquerable nature.

All in all we consider ourselves a family who enjoy each other, like to ride, and have fun. In the end its all about having fun and enjoying the wind in our faces.


Joe                – +91-89746-30237
Sujoy             – +91-94361-03808
Habib            – +91-97740-61261