The Hindu: Rider Mania. Jan 4, 2003

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The Hindu: Rider Mania. Jan 4, 2003

THE ALL-India Bullet Meet at Goa on January 11 and 12 this year, `Rider Mania 2003′, has caught the fancy of several urban Bullet fans.
Several of these true-blooded Royal Enfield Bullet fans in the city are all set to make a straight run for Goa.
“Keep riding”, is the motto of the Trivandrum Bullet Club, which has attracted several members, young and old alike. Recently, dubbed the “Cruisers”, the Bullet club is sending two of its best riders to showcase their riding skills and the reliability of their iron steeds at the all India meet.

Special competitions have been organised under different categories. The prizes are for Classic Bullet of the Year, Shining Bullet and the Best Custom-Built Bullet for Innovation and Modification. The riding skills of participants will be put to test in slow race, drag race and cross-country competitions. The entire event is being covered by the BBC for its “Wheels” programme.

Kannan Sivasankaran, one of the founder members of the “Cruisers”, is priming his bullet for the rigours that lie ahead. He says the club is looking for Bullet riders who are willing to make the long haul to Goa.

At present, two riders have teamed up with Kannan. Those interested can contact the Cruisers at [email protected] The Cruisers are affiliated with “60 KPH”, the All-India Forum for Bullet Club members.

By Anand G