MidDay. Burning rubber. 23 Jan 2010

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Over 600 bikers from across India arrive in city for Rider Mania 2010

After the marathon a few days ago, it is time for over 600 bikers from across the country to burn some serious rubber on the streets of the city with Rider Mania 2010 this weekend.

T Rangarajan, a marine expert who is a hardcore biking enthusiast, has travelled from Chennai with 30 members of his club called the Mad Bulls Mad for Madras, and Bulls for the Bullets they like to ride.

Rangarajan said members of the club are all highly placed professionals who take a planned leave from their busy schedules for the annual event, which is hosted at any location in the country selected for the purpose in a given year.
“We all share the same passion for motorcycles and bond with one another over technical sessions and share our experience of riding over uncharted routes,” said Rangarajan. “This is the biggest family reunion function for all of us.”

Rajiv Shah, a software engineer, represents city biking club Inddie Thumpers, which has over 120 active members.

He said bike enthusiasts had already started riding into the city and would head towards Manor on the Western Express Highway for the event on Saturday morning.

“We are doing this systematically so that commuters in the city are not affected,” said Shah.

Source: http://www.mid-day.com/news/2010/jan/230110-Rider-Mania-2010-mumbai-marathon-race.htm