The Rider Mania 2015 Registration

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All types of accommodations are sold out. Only Dorm Tents and BYOTs are available at Rs. 3,900 all inclusive!

Burrrrrahhhhhhh! #dohajaarpandrah is nigh! Are you ready? Saddle up and prepare to chill at the coolest and wildest Rider Mania yet!

As you might already be aware, entry to Rider Mania #dohajaarpandrah will commence at 1400hrs on 23rd January 2015. Your registration fee includes all meals starting from registration night up to breakfast after which we see you off on 26th January 2015.

Rider Mania 2015 Process


You need to follow these steps to register yourself to be a part of the awesomeness. READ VERY CAREFULLY.

  1. DOWNLOAD this excel file which needs to be filled completely without any blanks. This is needed for individual riders, clubs or groups. Basically, we want to know more about each ass.
  2. Make the payment before 31st December. If the money does not reach us within this month, we will release the seats to be blocked by someone else. When making the payment, please take a screen shot of the transfer. PAYMENTS SHOULD BE MADE ONLY VIA ONLINE TRANSFER OR A CHEQUE DEPOSIT.
  3. Once the payments are done, go to this page (CLICK HERE) and upload all the details it asks you for.

If you have already transferred the money and got verbal confirmation from the Registration team, then again please head here and complete the registration.

Problems? Call JoJo@ 9814811574 / Adie@ 9815469121 / TJ@ 8591249415

Once again, NO CASH PAYMENTS are being accepted. Any cash deposited will automatically be diverted to the #dohajaarpandrah Balle Balle fund. 😉

Bank Account Details

Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium
Indian Bank
Current Account A/C 6161291004
Branch: Sector 9-D
City: Chandigarh
MICR: 160019004


The Kikar Lodge, Nurpur Bedi, Roopnagar, Punjab
(For venue reference only. Please do not call the resort for clarifications regarding the event. Detailed directions to the venue will be provided once your registration is complete.)


23, 24, 25 January 2015

Registration Fees

  • Dorm tent for Rs. 3,900 per person
  • BYOT (Bring your own tent) for Rs. 3,900 per person
  • Cottage (4 in 1) for Rs. 30,000 per cottage. *** SOLD OUT ***
  • Resort Luxury forest tent (4 in 1) for Rs. 28,000 per tent. *** SOLD OUT ***
  • Swiss tent (3 in 1) for Rs. 18,000 per tent. *** SOLD OUT ***
  • Couple Tent (2 in 1) for Rs. 12,000 per tent. *** SOLD OUT ***
  • Resort Dormitory for Rs. 5,500 per person. *** SOLD OUT ***

What the Registration Fee Pays For:

  1. Limited edition Rider mania Goodies
  2. Accommodation for 23rd, 24th & 25th Jan 2015 (4 days and 3 nights)
  3. All meals from 23rd dinner onwards through 26th breakfast
  4. Access to all event locations
  5. Opportunity to participate in all biking events at the venue
  6. All “on the house” eatables/activities not specifically marked to be paid for separately
  7. A special liquid goodie bag. 😉

What the Registration Fee Does Not Pay For:

  1. Your Intoxicants/cigarettes
  2. Any and all room service bills
  3. Any expenses personal in nature
  4. Soft Drinks and mixers
  5. Any food stalls not part of the standard meals

How to get there:

Follow the signboards, oil trails and thumps on the highway!! But for the pansies, detailed directions will be provided once your registration is complete.


It is going to be cold! Really cold! Blue knuckle cold! But we will ensure that the tea will be piping, the food fresh and steamy, and the supply of ale never ends! Come, experience the chill and the thrill of being in the north first hand at Rider Mania #dohajaarpandrah.

Please read, understand and accept the DOs and DON’Ts and the Indemnity note on the BOBMC RiderMania #dohajaarpandrah webpage.

We plan to awesomeize the number 13! Let the thirteenth edition of Rider Mania be the awesomest, coolest, wildest ever! Come join us as we welcome you to #dohajaarpandrah. Get, Set, Burrrrrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Read the complete terms and conditions

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